Health Benefits of Agarwood(Oud) Essential Oil & It’s Uses - Kshrey

Health Benefits of Agarwood(Oud) Essential Oil & It’s Uses - Kshrey

In the world of natural products - essential oils have achieved a paramount position in our daily life. Among the list of best essential oils, here we'll talk about the agarwood essential oil benefits & its uses. 

They have become our necessities either to deal with health concerns, or their use in cosmetics, personal care, and food items. Everywhere, we see their remarkable significance. 

Robust medicinal properties of Agarwood essential oil make it a wonderful product to treat different ailments. Agarwood essential oil manufacturers use the finest quality organic raw material to produce therapeutic grade agarwood oil. In order to retain its original chemical composition, the process of entire extraction is carried out in a very careful manner.

Worldwide, the essential oils are extensively used in different industries while producing breathtaking effects on growth. People, top-notch aromatherapists, candles manufacturers, perfumery and pharmaceutical companies are using natural essential oils excessively. 

Each essential oil possesses a distinct aroma, chemical composition, and therapeutic grade properties. Where it's a highly concentrated liquid or aromatic extract of plants and its parts i.e. flowers, seeds, leaves, etc. Agarwood, eucalyptus, orange, lavender, clove, peppermint, lemongrass, clove, etc. are a few essential oils which are playing an important role in the healthcare industry. 

According to a study conducted by a well-known agency, the market size of essential oils will reach $15,600 by the end of 2026. Well, only these statistics are quite enough to tell us how essential oils are making their own space in the world.

Benefits of Agarwood Essential Oil 

Agarwood essential oil is obtained through the steam distillation process. Because of its fragrance, this essential oil falls under the category of the most expensive oil. It has a deep, sweet, warm, and soothing woody aroma. Let's have a quick look at the essential oil benefits.

Good for Digestive System

Agarwood essential oil has amazing digestive and carminative properties that support healthy digestion. If you're suffering from a gas problem, then it could be beneficial in expelling the gas and provide you relief.

Furthermore, you can use Agarwood oud essential oil along with a perfect carrier oil to get instant relief from abdominal pain. Just mix 2 drops of agarwood essential oil and massage on the abdominal area where the pain is occurring. 

Meanwhile, oud essential oil is quite efficacious in the stimulation & production of vital digestive juices which are beneficial for bloating, indigestion, and gas problems. To cure the digestion problem is one of the best Agarwood essential oil uses.

Excellent in Anxiety, Depression & Emotional Imbalance

Soothing & unique aroma of agarwood essential oil makes it perfect for attaining peace and calm. It's good for treating emotional trauma, anxiety, and depression. Its powerful effect stimulates the brain's limbic system resulting in the release of anti-stress hormones. Moreover, it's well-known for boosting the inner energy and providing tranquillity to the mind and soul. 

Helps in Pain Relieving

Agarwood essential oil possesses an excellent range of anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties. So, it's used as the best remedy for reducing the inflammation and pain linked with arthritis and rheumatoid.

In case you have arthritis problems, then just add 2 drops of agarwood oil with a good carrier oil (i.e. coconut oil) and massage on the affected area. Here it's worth noting that diuretic properties of this natural product facilitate frequent urination which helps in flush out of toxin and non-essential uric acid from the body. Which further is good for reducing the swelling and pain.

Remove Bad Breath 

Research has shown that the agarwood oud oil has stunning antibacterial properties which make it a powerful natural product against the bacterial growth. Bacteria and germs are the prime cause of bad breath. So, for the long time agarwood has been used in different mouth fresher items to freshen breath. A perfect mix of agarwood oud oil with peppermint oil can produce significant results in mouth freshening.

Improve Health Skin

Agarwood oud essential oil is widely used in personal care and cosmetic products. It has robust anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory t properties. All these properties help to treat different kinds of skin diseases and problems. It's a wonderful essential oil that is helpful in reducing skin irritation, swelling, and redness. Moreover, it's quite effective in promoting the faster healing of the skin. 

For acne and acne spots, Agarwood is considered as a panacea. Its antibacterial properties prevent acne. Furthermore, it's genuinely good for faster healing and repair of damaged skin cells. Agarwood oud oil for skincare can be a wonderful additive in daily routine. Oud essential oil benefits for skin make this essential oil as a leading natural product.

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Regulate the Menstruation

Agarwood essential oil is pretty much effective in influencing the hormones which are significantly important to regulate the menstruation. It helps in balancing hormones and regulating the irregular periods. Meanwhile, this is beneficial to uplift the mood and diminish the irritability. 

Agarwood Essential Oils benefits - Miscellaneous

In the list of agarwood essential oil uses & health benefits, there are several other benefits of agarwood (oud) essential oils. It's an amazing essential oil for enhancing meditation, helping with cold and cough, ease congestion, etc. In the context of cough, it can reduce the inflammation and help the sensitized tissue to get back normal. The powerful and mesmerizing fragrance of agarwood essential oil helps in attaining a peaceful state while performing meditation. It helps in escalating the energy level, increasing concentration, focus, and awareness. Being an expectorant and demulcent helps to ease congestion and associated discomfort.

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