Buy Best Attars in India Online - Alcohol Free Perfumes in India & Dubai

Buy Best Attars in India Online - Alcohol Free Perfumes in India & Dubai

We all are familiar with Attars or "Ittar". Basically, the attar is an Arabic word which means 'scent', and it's derived from the Persian word Atr. Attars are derived from the botanical sources including flowers petals, herbs, spices and other natural materials by the hydro distillation process. Attar's soothing fragrance can mesmerize you and produces a pleasing effect on the soul and mind. These are used to facilitate meditation and spiritual communion and having outstanding medicinal properties as well. There are different kinds of attars including Attar of Oud, Mitti Attar, Ambergris, Attar of Roses, Attar of Saffron and Attar of Jasmine. And it's classified under different variants including men attar perfumes & women attar perfumes.

As per easter world tradition, it was a customary practice to offer ittars to their guests. And these attars were given inside ittardan, an ornate tiny crystal cut bottle. Sufi worshipers were fond of attars as they used this while practising meditation. Apart from this, in ancient times Egyptians were famous for producing perfumes using flowers or different kinds of herbs.

Today, Kannauj is popular for its world-famous for its Natural Attars production by traditional techniques. Altogether, Kshrey is famous for best attars in India. We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and producers of natural essential oils and alcohol-free perfumes or attars in India. We also supply overseas, including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the US, and the UK. Our top-quality attars produce a long-lasting olfactory impression. As per your choice you can buy attars online or by offline or direct purchase. Kshrey has made it simple and easy. Kshrey offers you a wide range of attars including Asli Arabian Jasmine, Sandalwood Oil Attar, Al Ghazal Red Musk, Misk Al Lala and more.

Now let's discuss more about "Best Attars in India."

Benefits & Uses of Attars / Ittars

As we know that attars are popular throughout the world, including South Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. Where attar manufacturers produce a huge variety of attars to match different moods, personality, and occasions. Aside from their delightful and light fragrances, all attars have different kinds of medicinal properties/ characteristics. Attars comprise aromatic compounds having excellent healing power. And all this make a purposeful to treat many health issues.

As we have already told you that attars are used since ancient times but here we'll discuss more about the benefits of attars / Ittars.


This technique is used to improve the health of body, mind, and spirit with aroma. Attars / Perfumes are mostly used for this purpose, where it produces relaxation benefits. These help in producing relief from stress, depression and sleep disorders. Pleasant aroma of attars offers a positive impact. Alcohol-free perfumes or attars in India are advantageous to deal with such problems.

Mood Enhancer

Wonderful for enhancing the mood due to their pleasing aroma. As different perfumes have their own fragrances and impact. Therefore makers provide you with large variants according to usage for date, parties, meetings and more.

Cures Insomnia: - These days, Insomnia is a very common problem, and most people suffer from this. If you're suffering from sleep disorders, then alcohol free attars would be best for you, as these can help you to relax and enjoy an interrupted and peaceful sleep. You can buy attars online if you suffer from Insomnia but prior advice of a doctor is recommended.

Triggers Memories

Aroma of Attars stimulate the brain's limbic system that belongs to memory. Whenever you wear perfumes, its fragrances may help to trigger memories. And will also boost the same.

Escalate Confidence

It helps to increase your confidence by eliminating the tension related to bad body odor which is caused by bacteria multiplied by sweat. Attars are the natural oil having anti-bacterial properties that help to kill bacteria.

Best Attars in India

Attars are classified according to the types of flavours or ingredients used. There are a wide range of attars from floral to herbal are available in the market, let's see a few of them-

Nag Champa Attar

Nag Champa Attar is one of the most popular attars which is extracted through the Nag Champa - a flowering tree of Magnoliaceae family. It contains the best of aromatic compounds, therefore good for stress and depression relief. The flowers of Nag Champa has soothing fragrances resembles with ylang-ylang. Also, it is widely used for making incense and good for meditation and spiritual practices. Nag Champa attar is also perfect for high-quality skincare formulations. It's one of the best attars in India having multipurpose usage.

Jasmine Attar

Jasmine is also known as the King of Flowers, and its attar offers deep, fruity and complex aroma. Jasmine attar is the best for aromatherapy based applications and offers a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle. Whether you wish to buy the best attar in Dubai or India, this would be the best choice for you. It's also extracted through the steam distillation process.  Asli Arabian Jasmine is made up of jasmine flower having soothing fragrance.

Saffron- Kesar Attar

This falls under the category of most rare and costly attars. Saffron attar has reddish and intense fragrances that inspire warm thoughts. It's used for meditation and considered auspicious for blessing and wealth. Because of its rarity, If you don't have an option for direct purchase you can buy attars online.

Motia Attar

Motia Attar is extracted through the steam distillation process from the Cymbopogon Martini. It's highly demanded in cosmetic, perfumery, and tobacco industry.

Rose Attar

Among the list of best attar in Dubai or India, rose attar is known for its most classical and pleasing fragrances. This attar is best for spiritual practices as it's related to Heart Chakra or the Anahata Chakra. The Rose Attar is extracted from the rose flowers and has a strong floral aroma therefore suitable for aromatherapy.

Buy Attars Online / Best Price Attars

If you wish to buy the best attars in India then you don't need to go anywhere, we offer you different kinds of varieties of Attars. Our alcohol-free perfumes or attars are not only popular in India but also demanded in Dubai and middle east countries. You can buy attars online or by direct purchase. Kshrey is a popular name in essential oil and attar manufacturing. We have 79 years of legacy in manufacturing of all kinds of natural essential oils and attars. We supply for various industries including pharma, beauty, and cosmetics, spa, food, and beverages etc. We provide you 100 percent pure and natural essential oils/attars/ absolute oils/carrier oils / co2 extract oils /organic essential oils and other herbal products. We offer the best deal for all sorts of order, either it's a single unit or bulk order.


List of Attars


Hayati Attar


White Ambergris


Misk Al Lala


Attar Full Arabian Perfume Oil


Zafaron Red


Firdous Attar


Shamamatul Al Amber


Attar Al Kaaba Hind


Iranian Pure Jasmine Oil Attar


Dehan Al Oudh Taj e Hind


Sandalwood Oil Attar


Asli Arabian Jasmine


Mukhallat Ae


Alghazal White Musk


Bakhoor Al JP


Sultan Attar


Jannet El Firdaus


Mukhallat Al Shahama


Al Ghazal Red Musk


Amber Ood Arabian Attar


Sadaf Attar

Islamic Bakhur Attar


Zafaron White


Asli Attar Indian



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