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Black Pepper Essential Oil for Hair | Black Pepper Oil Benefits

Today, there are more than a hundred types of oils in the natural essential oil product market which are derived from different natural sources and extraction processes. Here, we’ll reveal the black pepper essential oil for hair that contains brilliant medicinal properties and benefits. In general, essential oils have many uses basically used as a food additive, medication, and cosmetics. They are used to boost your body and mind and to maintain your intellectual fitness. Altogether also regulate internal metabolism and blood circulation. On the other side, Black Pepper essential oil is very important in aromatherapy showing a great impact on body and mind. Let’s go through the benefits of black pepper essential oil. 

Naturally extracted through the process of steam distillation from the plant Piper nigrum of the Piperaceae family,  black pepper comprises of the many nutritional components including Vitamin A and C, flavonoids, carotenoids, and antioxidants. All these chemical compounds are very helpful in removing harmful free radicals and protecting the body against cancers and other hair problems and diseases. In addition, this is very helpful in relieving from cold and cough. 


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Chemical Composition of Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper falls under the category of spice that can slightly disturb your taste buds. Moreover,  this essential oil has outstanding beauty & health benefits. It incredibly works to provide natural shine to your hair and strengthening the same. Its natural chemical composition make it a robust natural product to treat many health issues. The chemical constituents include caryophyllene (19.12%), limonene (9.74%), and camphene (8.44%). Moreover, this includes moderate amount of Vitamin K (13%), iron (10%), manganese (18%) and other essential nutrients including proteins, nutrients, and dietary fiber. All these inherit chemical compounds produce exclusive black pepper essential oil benefits.

Benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oil for Hair

The current essential oil market is full of natural products that are capable to deal with hair and skin related problems, but black pepper essential oil is unmatched. Being the finest essential oil for hair this comprises lots of nutrients to offer strength for hair. It’s considered as the best remedies to stimulate hair growth and dandruff.  Let’s discuss in a comprehensive manner about the black pepper essential oil benefits.

Promote Hair Growth

Black pepper essential oil has the potential to increase the blood flow to the roots of hair, thereby it’s very helpful in promoting hair growth.

Strengthen Hair Follicles

It’s one of the top-rated essential oil having all sorts of quality and attributes to nourish your hair, it strengthens the hair follicles further preventing the hair loss, fall or breakage.

Removes the Dust and Dirt

Among the black pepper essential oil benefits, one of the potent ways is to detox scalp by using black pepper essential oil where it’s pretty helpful in removing the dust and dirt that accumulated on the scalp.

Shiny Hair

Black pepper essential oil for hair is comprised of rich and essential minerals which are very good for strengthening and revitalizing the hair resulting in strong and shiny looks.

Prevent Premature Greying of Hair

If we go into the deep of uses of black pepper essential oil we find that this is the amazing one that stops premature greying of hair.

Effective for Dandruff

Black pepper is very effective in curing dandruff as the chemical composition of this oil makes it a perfect remedy for dandruff. Mixing with an appropriate amount of warm coconut oil and castor oil, it can improve the quality of hair, and make it healthy.

Miscellaneous Benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oils

Apart from the Black Pepper Essential Oil for hair, it works better for other problems including stimulates the entire digestive system, relieves from pain and aches, inhibits infections from bacteria and virus, produces relaxation from stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, it regulates blood circulation, improves glucose tolerance, and flushes out toxins.

How to Use Black Pepper for Your Hair?

We’ve seen the black pepper essential oil benefits, and now let’s see how to use the usage of black pepper essential oils for hair problems.

Hair Fall:-

 It would be better to perfectly mix the black pepper essential oil with coconut oil and further apply on the scalp. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash off by the use of a shampoo. The complete procedure if used regularly will make hair stronger and healthier. 


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For Dandruff:- 

Just take a tablespoon crushed black pepper in a bow off curd, and further applications on the scalp. After 30 minute wash off the hair. Repeat the same regularly as per recommendation.

For Hair Growth:- 

To revitalize the hair, and to get a shiny look just mix black pepper essential oil with a carrier oil (lemon), and apply on hair, After 10-15 wash off with cold water. It would enhance the hair growth and nourish the scalp, resulting in stronger hair.


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For Baldness:-

Black pepper essential oil is good for baldness, whenever mix with honey and applying on hair it will produce outstanding results.

Remember, even though black pepper essential oil has numerous health benefits but its overuse may cause scalp irritation or may cause of some sort of the allergic problem. So before using the same take advice/ suggestion/ or consultation from a regular medical practitioner.

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Note:- All the information provided is only for information and education purposes, before using any of the products you should take permission or advice from a regular medical practitioner.

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