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We know that the essential oils are obtained through the different parts of the plants such as leaves, flowers, roots, and stems. And every essential oil has a distinguished chemical composition that makes them good for various types of health issues. Essential oils for dry skin possesses excellent therapeutic properties that help in skin healing and other issues. 

History reveals the fact that these natural products were used by the people of India, Arab and other countries. Where they were using these products for different purposes such as for treatment of health issues, aromatherapy, and enhancement of beauty. Apart from the essential oil for dry skin, there are oils for oily skin, acne-prone skin, skin-rash, and for sensitive skin.

Dry skin occurs in a certain period of the year, however other reasons are also impactful such as weather, heat, hot bath and showers, harsh soaps, and other skin conditions.

Today in this topic, we'll discuss the best essential oils for dry skin.

Different Types of Skin

There are generally four types of skin, including- normal, dry, oily and combination. Where every skin type is determined by its genetics. However, skin conditions depend upon the internal and external factors as well. Therefore it's recommended to select the appropriate product for your skin. Every essential oil has its own property; therefore, they work differently on skin types.

Impact of Dry Skin

Dry skin may cause weakening skin, cracking and bleeding. And all this occurs because of the loss of skin elasticity and deficiency of moisture.

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Properties of Essential Oils

Aromatic plants are used in traditional medicine and work as antimicrobial agents, and their natural extracts such as essential oils are isolated by the steam distillation process. These natural essential oils have different types of chemical compounds such as cineole, trans-thujone, linalool, p-cymene, Terpinene, Terpineol, etc. Because of these chemical compounds, the natural products exhibit few properties such as antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidants, etc.

Best Essential Oils for Dry Skin On Face

Among the list of pure and natural essential oils, we find that their hundreds of essential oils and every product has its own property. In order to eradicate the skin related problems, we use approximately 23 best essential oils for dry skin. Here we're going to discuss top 5 essential oils for dry face.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is an all-round player in the list of best essential oils for dry face. It produces amazing effects as it's calming, gentle and nourishing. This can be much helpful in reducing the appearance of blemishes and produces the glow on your skin. It can balance the moisture levels in the skin. It works like a natural hydrator where it can repair the dry skin without side-effects. The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender essential oils make it perfect for reducing the redness.

Apart from skin problems, the lavender essential oil is one of the wonderful products for migraine, headaches, hair, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Where it can produce the soothing, and calming effect. In the natural product market, lavender ranks at the top.

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Chamomile Essential Oil

For the long-term effects and working remedies, the chamomile could be a better option for you. Most people recommend the chamomile for various skin issues, including dry skin. This essential oil contains an aromatic compound azulene which is very helpful in increasing the moisture and reducing the inflammation. You can use the chamomile essential oil with coconut oil, and dab it on your skin with a cotton ball. In a list of essential oils for dry face chamomile is the best one.

However, chamomile oil is genuinely wonderful in soothing the skin, eliminating the redness and irritation. It can enhance the glow of your skin.


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Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood possesses the antiseptic and astringent properties where it is highly effective in soothing skin inflammation. It's also good for increasing the moisture level so as to eliminate the dry skin problem. However, in certain skin disorders such as psoriasis, sandalwood is an amazing remedy.


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Best Carrier Oil for Dry Skin

Carrier oils are used with essential oils that are helpful to dilute the oil and absolute. After the dilution, the intensity of essential oils is reduced to a large extent, and after this, it becomes good for skin in massage and aromatherapy. 

 For dry skin, there are a number of carrier oils available in the market. A brief list of carrier oils:-

Before using any of the products, you must take prior advice of a regular medical practitioner.

How do essential oils work

Essential oils are used in two different ways, including applied to the skin (topically) or by inhalation. Where essential oil's aroma and its molecules can stimulate the brain. According to a study, many plants have different types of scent and distinguishable properties that can be helpful in creating sensation within our nervous systems. 

Whenever we use essential oils topically, the molecules of essential oils permeate through the skin layers. After passing through the skin layers, these molecules mix with bloodstream and reach to the brain they perform the stimulation. Same the process is also repeated in case of inhalation.

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Note:- All information provided above is only for information and education purposes, we don't recommend any of the products. Therefore we suggest that before using any of the products, you should take prior permission to a doctor or a regular medical practitioner.

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