Top Essential Oils for Pregnancy | How to use Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Top Essential Oils for Pregnancy | How to use Essential Oils During Pregnancy

Essential oils are widely used to combat many critical and normal health issues, and few of them are good as well as safe for pregnancy. Since long years back, these natural products are being used in aromatherapy and more. Essential oils for pregnancy help in balancing mood swings and normal delivery. These provide a calming and relaxing impact on the body, along with relief in acne and pains. Generally, pregnancy has three trimesters where usage of essential oils depends upon the trimesters. As during every phase, the fetus has gone through a specific phase of development. For normal delivery, a pregnant woman should be cautious of pregnancy and should take care of major things.

What are Essential Oils?

As we know, essential oils are natural extracts of plants and their parts, i.e. flower, roots, leaves, stems. Where these natural products are made up of a combination of chemicals which are isolated by modern or traditional practices. We know that since ancient times, essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy. They inherit the essence of the plant's fragrance by which they derived. In the context of aromatherapy, they are well-known for improving the health of body, mind, and spirit. In a real sense, good to enhance physical and emotional health.

Every year scientists and researchers are performing research to know more about the benefits of essential oils. After every research, we find something different that explore more about the essential oils. Now we've concluded that these are highly effective for treating skin conditions, hair loss, sleep disorders, stress, depression, and more. We must also know that today, lots of extraction practices are being used to extract natural extracts from the plants, which include conventional and modern approaches as well.

Altogether essential oil's pleasant and soothing smells may improve the mood and feel you relaxed. If you're more concerned about what type of essential oil you should use then surely, it should be 100 percent natural and pure and free from adulteration.

How do Essential Oils Work For Pregnancy

As we know, essential oils are the combination of chemical compounds, generally aromatic compounds. We inhale molecules through the nasal cavity, which further stimulates the brain to release certain effective hormones or compounds to treat many ill-diseases. A biochemical process gets initiated; it's something like that as we see something delicious we feel hungry. Actually triggering action occurred by every type of body responses. Whenever we apply essential oils or smell it, brain stimulation happens, that help in fighting against any type of illness or diseases.

Best Essential Oils During Pregnancy

We have a comprehensive list of essential oils which are useful for various purposes, especially for pregnancy. As we have seen that essential oils have numerous volatile complex compounds which make them good for pregnancy-related problems. During pregnancy if you are having stretch marks which is a very common problem then we can discuss more about essential oils for stretch marks during pregnancy.

To Relieve Nausea

In a bunch of essential oils, peppermint, ginger, and lavender are considered the best one for pregnancy. They're good for belly easiness and morning sickness.

To Treat Haemorrhoids

Chemical composition and physical properties of essential oils help to treat haemorrhoids, which are swollen veins around your rectum, which causes pain. Myrtle, horse chestnut, cinnamon bark, clove, and tea tree oil essential oils are good for this problem.

Make Better Sleep

There are numerous options for essential oils which can make your sleep better during pregnancy time. Clary sage, lavender, chamomile, etc. are the finest one to help you achieve uninterrupted sleep.

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To Relieve From Muscle Aches

Aches and pains during the pregnancy are common, our body tries to adapt changes to accommodate the growing fetus. Ligament stretching causes more space between pelvic bones and spine, and restrict the movement of women. Lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, ginger, frankincense may prove better for you.


In this case, essential oils having the capacity to provide energy and revitalization can be very helpful. Peppermint and wild orange are the best one.

General Pregnancy Support

Essential oils for pregnancy are good if best for soothing soul and mind. In this case - grapefruit, rosewood and lavender essential oils are the best one.

How to use Essential Oils during Pregnancy

When you're pregnant, then you've to take a few precautionary steps so that your fetus could not be impacted by essential oil's side-effects. You have to avoid conditions such as allergies, morning sickness, indigestion, and headaches. And must be prevented by either means. Presence of vital organic compounds makes essential oils as effective holistic remedies.

We can use essential oils in different ways:


It's a good way to enhance mood, where you can breath one or two drops of essential oils. Or can be used with a diffuser, so as to purify the air.


You can apply essential oils under the feet, hands, neck, spinal area or over the reflex point. But you must first dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba, olive, almond, and coconut etc.

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Warning:- It's strongly recommended that use essential oils externally otherwise it may cause to miscarriage, preterm labor or side-effects on the fetus. Before applying to the skin, It would be better to dilute first with carrier oils such as olive or coconut.

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