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Best Essential Oils for Sleep and Anxiety Disorder

Best Remedy for Sleep and Anxiety Disorder- Lavender, Jasmine and Sandalwood

Today, the world has gone into a closed shell where there is no space for relax and peace. Peoples have captured in their stress bound schedule and find no way to escape. When we go into the essential oil marketplace, we find numerous options for different sorts of problems. But what we should use or what not? It has become a dilemma for everyone.  In the context of sleep and anxiety disorder, the market is occupied by uncountable natural products which assure you to relieve from insomnia, depression, anxiety and stress problems. It's worth noted what makes a product to deal with such types of issues, isn't its chemical composition?

The importance of chemical composition arises when you understand the biology of your body including the nervous system. Your mind, body or every part react to a particular matter or chemical accordance to its internal chemistry.

Sleep and anxiety disorders are the most prevalent problem, based on research it's said to be that anxiety cause sleep disorder or vice-versa. According to a study by WHO, 300 million people suffer from depression, and 260 million suffer from anxiety disorders. Across every part of the globe, to combat these problems WHO has suggested few guidelines and awareness programme.

But here, we'll discuss few natural essential oils which may be fruitful in providing a positive effect on sleep and anxiety disorder.

What are the best essential oils for sleep and anxiety disorder?

 Let’s discuss about three most preferred essential oils for sleep and anxiety disorders, as these boasts finest medicinal properties to tackle many health problems.

Lavender Essential Oil

 It's one of the finest essential oils promoting excellent sleep and relaxation. Lavender Essential Oil has anxiety-reducing—or anxiolytic effects that help in depression, also it has a soothing effect that works for better sleep. Lavender oil is used to achieve a good night's rest, as it enhances sleep quality and amount, and keep you alert in a stressful lifestyle.


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Jasmine Essential Oil

Having sleep promoting attributes and the mesmerizing aroma filled you with positive thoughts and freshness. Based on research, it's found that Jasmine Essential Oil works better on improving sleep quality and reducing restlessness altogether enhances daytime alertness. Jasmine oil also lowers down anxiety and works more strongly than lavender essential oil.


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Sandalwood Essential Oil

Since ancient time sandalwood is considered as the most effective solution for relaxation and anxiety. Sandalwood Essential Oil having a pleasant, woody and earthy scent aroma that sooth to body and mind. Sandalwood has sedative effects and good for easing anxiety. It's important to note that it promote wakeful, attentive relaxation. In any time you can use sandalwood essential oil either daytime or night.


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Whenever you go to buy essential oil just ask for these three or purchase directly from the best Natural Essential Oil Manufacturer in India.

As per Healthline

"Some of the possible uses of essential oils in aromatherapy include things like managing pain, helping with digestion, and reducing stress and anxiety. While scientific evidence for many of these uses is lacking, research is ongoing to learn more about the benefits of essential oils".

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