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Are Essential Oils Safe for Babies or Childrens

Nowadays, the essential oils market is incredibly increasing at a fast pace and continues to grow. A plethora of essential oils are present, but here we would discuss are essential oils safe for babies?

Here it's worth noting that these natural extracts of the plant have several outstanding benefits - and possess the exclusive range of therapeutic properties, which makes them good for dealing with different types of health concerns. Many consumers have shown their trust in these products while using the same for wellness, beauty, and personal care. 

Natural Essential oils are quite effective in aromatherapy and every sphere of life. These natural products possess antibacterial, sedative, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties. Now it's quite important to understand the usage of essential oils depends on various factors including age, health conditions, medication and supplement etc.

As we know that essential oils are used by different age groups, including teens, young and old aged, only a few ones are effective for sleep, anxiety, and reduce the symptoms of stress. However, we must take care while applying essential oils on babies and should make a proper dilute solution.

In case you're using essential oils made by an unrecognized or unauthentic company, then you should check the product labels, chemical compositions, quality standard etc. There could be the possibility of adulteration or the addition of chemicals or any sort of additive, which may drive undesired results on babies' health. It may produce skin irritation or other health concerns.

Each and every essential oil has its own chemical composition that makes it fit for different purposes and good for various age groups. So, before using on infants and babies, you should take prior permission of a regular medical practitioner or doctor. The question- are essential oils safe for babies? It is no more important if we use the oils after the proper guidance.

Let's go through the following highlights 

  • First, you should consider the age of babies and avoid the usage of babies younger than three months.
  • Be careful while using the essential oils, and must take care of it that babies should not ingest or drink the natural essential oils. It might be harmful to give essential oils orally.
  • Always use a perfect mix with appropriate carrier oils before applying on the skin of the babies. 
  • If used in aromatherapy, it induces sleep and stimulates the nervous system to provide relaxation, ease anxiety.

Best Essential Oils for Children / Babies

Here we'll discuss a few finest qualities of essential oils that are considered excellent for babies. 


Chamomile essential oil is derived from the plants of the family Asteraceae by the traditional steam distillation process. This essential oil is used for various health purposes and best to treat depression, anxiety, and stress-related problems. Its fragrance can mesmerize the body, mind, and soul. Moreover, it's perfect for wound healing and digestive problems.

Both variations, including German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile, are effective for babies who have sleeping problems. Its soothing effect can relax the mind, and stimulate the nervous system resulting in interrupted sleep patterns. Chamomile can escalate the baby's spirit to the next level and make them active. Due to all its robust properties, it's one of the best essential oils for children.


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Distilled Lemon

The lemon essential oil is one of the most favourable natural products having the amazing potential to uplift the mood and energy level. Lemon (Citrus Limon) is considered as one of the best products for babies. The distilled lemon does not harm babies and is very safe for them. It does not cause any sort of health problems such as skin irritations. 

Dill (Anethum Sowa)

Dill essential oil falls under the category of the best essential oils for babies, and extremely helpful for producing the calming effect. The antispasmodic property of this oil helps in soothing indigestion. By proper mixing with carrier oils, it can be massaged on the baby's skin. Just dilute the dill essential oil with a mix of 1 drop/ teaspoon of carrier oil and apply the same.

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Eucalyptus Oil for Kids

There are several benefits of eucalyptus essential oils to treat various health issues such as cough, cold, clear the chest, etc. Being a natural expectorant, it; 's quite helpful to unclog respiratory congestion. In the case of cold suffering in babies, the use of eucalyptus oil for kids can provide fruitful results. 

It's important to note that Eucalyptus Radiata is distinct from the eucalyptus globulus. And for children and infants, eucalyptus radiata will be a very good choice. In case of cold problems or respiratory congestion, you must take prior advice to a medical practitioner and doctors


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Lavender Oil for Babies

Lavender essential oil is derived from the plant of Lavandula angustifolia and has great potential to deal with anxiety and depression-related problems. Doctors recommend the lavender oil for insomnia, eczema, and nausea. In the context of essential oils for babies, this natural product is unmatched legging every essential oil. 

Lavender has robust calming properties and is helpful for producing sedative effects. It's greatly effective for the babies who are hard to please. It encourages uninterrupted sleep and reduces itchiness. After passing through the in-depth analysis, we find that lavender oil for babies is very effective to treat various health concerns associated with the babies.

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Use Appropriate Dilution Before Applying the Same

Essential oils possess a different chemical composition that can influence the nervous system. Meanwhile, these can produce severe effects on the skin if not diluted well. Therefore before applying on the skin of babies, we must prepare an effective solution. 

Dilution is equally important even if you're using the essential oils on infants or young children. In the case of babies who are older than 3 months, the safe dilution is recommended of .5 to 1 percent. All these precautions and recommendations are issues because babies have extremely sensitive skin. In the case of babies younger than 3 months, it's advisable not to use essential oils.

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