How Palmarosa Essential Oil is Good for Skin?|Kshrey

How Palmarosa Essential Oil is Good for Skin?|Kshrey

Palmarosa essential oil is an exquisite oil extricated from the tropical Palmarosa or Indian Geranium plant. It is called Palmarosa because of the closeness between its sweet flower aroma and rose oil. The fragrance might amaze you, however, since the pleasant smell comes just from edges of the grass rather than from a flower. 

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Palmarosa grass fills wild in the wetlands of India and Nepal, and the essential oil is steam refined from the dried grass. The best smell quality oils start with grass filled in the good countries. Similarly, as with numerous essential oils the developing district, including elevation, influences the eventual outcome. This pretty-smelling oil is definitely more intense than it may appear. It sneaks up suddenly that will make it significant in your aromatherapy stockpile. 

The super synthetic constituents found in palmarosa essential oil are: 

  • Myrcene 
  • Linalool 
  • Geraniol 
  • Geranyl acetic acid derivation 
  • Dipentene 
  • Limonene 

 Palmarosa oil owes its rosy-pinkie note to Geraniol. 


This herbaceous tropical grass imparts similitudes to lemongrass. The oil is clear and portable. It pours and mixes without any problem.

Palmarosa essential oil mixes very well with the accompanying essential oils in addition to numerous others: Rosemary, Egyptian Geranium, Lime, Ylang, Atlas Cedarwood, Pink Grapefruit, and Lavender 


  • In antiquated times, Palmarosa was utilized to bring down fever and forestall contamination. Current corrective and skin health management makers use it in items to adjust oil creation in the skin and support sound, versatile skin.
  • Palmarosa is likewise a cheap method for adding a rose-like smell to your DIY normal magnificence plans at home. Rose otto essential oil has expanded significantly in cost as of late because of worldwide environmental change. Ecological pressure in customary developing locales in Bulgaria and Turkey can lessen yields of rose otto, while request has expanded because of the developing prevalence of normal oils. Palmarosa is a practical substitute for rose otto essential oil and is additionally eco-accommodating since it is a harvest that is prepared to do in any event, developing wild. 
  • Palmarosa contains a high level of geraniol, which is one of similar essential fragrance constituents as in rose otto essential oil. The enthusiastic aromatherapy advantages of palmarosa essential oil additionally mirror rose oil since it is helpful for facilitating pressure and supporting the heart. 


  • There are multiple ways of utilizing Palmarosa essential oil. It very well might be diffused in burners and vaporizers, added to shower water and applied topically. Make certain to utilize a transporter oil and do a fix test prior to utilizing straightforwardly on the skin. 
  • The ruddy scent of Palmarosa solaces brain and body. Palmarosa is generally esteemed for reinforcing the heart and loosening up the sensory system. Take profound, slow breaths and appreciate the wonderful fragrance to help its activity. 
  • Palmarosa has recorded antifungal properties and can battle Aspergillus niger (dark form). Dispersion in debilitated rooms will help clear and scrub the air. Add a couple of drops of this essential oil to your DIY home cleaning answers for counters and floors to give them a lift also. 
  • Add 6-12 drops of Palmarosa essential oil per 1 oz of a base oil, for example, Argan oil to make an extravagant body and hair lotion. Use Palmarosa in our whipped shea spread formula for a treat for dry hands and skin experiencing redness, chipping, and breaking.
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