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Cassie Flower Absolute
$ 420.00
  • It is extracted by the Hydro Distillation method. It is a red brown colored liquid with sweet aroma. It is widely used in the perfumery industry for the production of aromatic products such as exotic perfumes, incense sticks, room fresheners, scented candles, deodorant, soaping bath and many other products.
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  • This absolute oil is widely used by aroma therapists in the aroma therapy treatment centers to provide relief from depression and mental fatigue,
  • Heals in case of stress, anxiety, nervous problems and many other problems.
  • It is extensively used in aromatherapy; it has a relaxing and calming effect.
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name – Acacia Farnesiana Wild
  • Country Of Origin – Egypt
  • Color & Odor – Viscous red brown liquid with a fresh sweet scent
  • Solubility - Soluble in Ethanol. Insoluble in water
  • Flash Point - > 200.00 °F
  • Optical Rotation-0 – (+ 3)
  • Specific Gravity-0.988 – 1.070 @ 15 °C
  • Refractive Index-> 200.00 °F
  • Major Constituents - nisaldehyde, benzoic acid, benzyl alcohol, butyric acid, coumarin, decyl aldehyde, eicosane, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, hydroxyacetophenone, nerolidol, palmitic acid, salicylic acid, and terpineol.
  • Extraction Method - hexane extraction of flowers followed by ethanol extraction

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