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Manufacturers and Exporters of :- 100% Pure Essential oils
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  • The main clove bud oil-producing countries are Madagascar and Indonesia. The bud of this plant is distilled to produce the oil which is majorly used for medicinal purpose. It is commonly called clove. It is anti- inflammatory and is antiseptic mainly used in case of oral infections
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  • It is a natural analgaesic and antiseptic, used primarily in dentistry for its main ingredient eugenol.
  • The oil produced by cloves can be used in many things from flavouring medicine to remedies for bronchitis.
  • It is a sure shot remedy for common cold, a cough, fever, sore throat and tending to infections.
  • It helps in getting better skin and removes acne
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name –Eugenia caryophyllata
  • Country Of Origin –

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