Collection: CARRIER OILS

Carrier oil is one of the oils which is used to carry essential oils to your body without causing any harm to your body and this is why it is called Carrier oil. These oils don't affect the primary essence of the oil and keep them at the time of massage to the skin or for aromatherapy purposes. Carrier oil usually does not have the fragrance or less fragrance due to the ingredients used in this oil. Carrier oil or essential oils is made from plants or vegetables after the extraction process and then essential oil is made into Carrier oil. This oil has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other important nutrients.

Carrier oil has a lot of benefits to the skill and hair. It helps in reducing dryness and adds moisture to the body and hair along with nutrients. Carrier oil has a high use in solving all these problems and is also used in solving skill diseases. Carrier oil is extracted from nuts, plants, and seeds and used as per the body's requirements. It usually comes in a thick consistency and is unscented. It also takes time to soak into the body at the time of massage. There are various types of Carrier oil synch as Almond Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Borage Oil, Carrot Tissue Infused Carrier Oil, and coconut Carrier Oil.

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