Floral absolute oils are a highly concentrated form of extraction from flowers and plants. These oils have the fragrance of the original raw material used in the extraction. Floral absolute oils are highly fragrant because of the process of extraction of these oils. Floral absolute oils come in various forms such as Blue Lotus Absolute Oil, Gardenia Absolute Oil, Jasmine Sambac Absolute Oil, White Lotus Absolute Oil, Pink Lotus Absolute Oil, and Mogra Absolute Oil. These absolute oils are high in demand in the fragrance and perfume industry because they are highly fragrant. 

Floral absolute oils are mostly extracted from the fragrances of flowers including Blue Lotus, Pink Lotus, White Lotus, Gardenia, and Jasmine Sambac. It is used in making perfumes and for aromatherapy massages. Floral absolute oils are different from essential oils in terms of the consistency of the oil. absolute oils have thick consistent and scented oils than essential oils. These oils help in creating a refreshing aroma of the different fragrances based on the flower used and most of the oils have medical usage. 

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