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Manufacturers and Exporters of :- 100% Pure Essential oils
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  • The Davana plant is a tiny and aromatic herbaceous plant which is grown in Southern part of India, especially to the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh
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  • The Davana Oil is used in food, flavour, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and perfume industries
  • This oil builds up effective protection against viral attacks. It ruptures the protective covering of viruses.
  • This oil fights infections that cause septic of internal and external injury, urinary tracts, urethra, kidneys, and other body part.
  • This powerful essential oil fights infections from bacteria, microbes, fungi, and viruses and helps cure infectious diseases. If used in fumigants, sprays
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name –Artemesia Pallens
  • Country Of Origin –

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