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Manufacturers and Exporters of :- 100% Pure Essential oils
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  • The highest paradise or the Arabic term jannatul firdous, is where the name of this fragrance is derived from. The roof of this heaven will have the roof as the throne of Allah according to Islamic beliefs. This fragrance is wild and musky. This fragrance will lift your spirits. This fragrance is unique in every way and will astound your senses.
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  • This attar is used for different aromatherapy purposes because they do not contain any preservatives or chemical additives.
  • Its used as a personal perfume mostly by Muslims because they are free from alcohol.
  • The attar were used by the kings and queens in the past. These attars are natural floral and also helps in cases of stress and hypertension.
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name -N/A
  • Country Of Origin – India
  • Color & Odor – fragrance is wild and musky
  • Solubility - N/A.
  • Flash Point - N/A
  • Specific Gravity- 0.9250 to 0.9450
  • Refractive Index- 1.4265 to 1.4425
  • Optical Rotation - -0.2000 - 0.3000
  • Major Constituents -essential oils, suitable for fragrance such as sandalwood, amber, patchouli, flowers, roots, herbs and spices
  • Extraction Method -Steam Distillation

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