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Iranian Pure Jasmine Oil Attar
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  • Jasmine oil is one of the most popular scents used in perfumery. Jasmine is a flower of joy and freshness. This oil is often referred to as the king of essential oils, owing to its wide usage. It has an ability to make a romantic, devotional and confident atmosphere.
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  • It is widely used in aromatherapy and useful in various skin problems.
  • It has an uplifting scent that is often used by aroma therapists to help ease all kinds of depression.
  • Known to increase sensuality, it is helpful for treating disorders related to nervous system, menstrual cramps, anger, headaches, insomnia, depression, worry, muscular tension, labor pains.
Technical Specification
  • Botanical Name -Jasminum Grandiflorum
  • Country Of Origin – Iran
  • Color & Odor –Reddish Brown transparent liquid with Floral, exotic and warm aroma
  • Solubility - N/A.
  • Flash Point - 80°C
  • Specific Gravity- 0.920-0.975
  • Refractive Index- 1.475 - 1.495
  • Optical Rotation - -0.300 to -0.400
  • Major Constituents -N/A
  • Extraction Method -Steam Distillation

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