Welcome To Kshrey Essential Oils & Ayurved!

Kshrey in hindi means giving credit to someone for doing something great! Kshrey Essential Oils and Ayurveda gives this credit for all that is great in its products to Nature, and Nature has answers to all our beauty and wellness needs!

With this connotation, Kshrey brings over 79 years of experience in international trade and sourcing transcending into our Natural, Pure, Cold Pressed Base oils, Essential Oils, Beauty & Ayurveda Wellness products packed with all goodness, freshness, keeping all herbs-plants derived nutritional values intact in the end products to reach our clients to be absorbed into their skin, hair & bodies rendering them full of life!

Utmost care is taken in procuring skillfully handpicked highest quality raw materials viz fruits, nuts, seeds, leaves, trunks or entire plants etc. used for production of these life infusing gems. Each picked lot again goes through physical examination by expert quality control professionals checking physical appearance or texture, colour, aroma and taste, any foreign undesirable matters being carefully discarded.

In line quality- control in house and at all our suppliers facilities involves checking of quality by qualified experts during and after completion of each stage of manufacturing followed by lab analysis. For topical application products complete tests viz.

Physical Form, Relative Density, Viscosity, Physical Rotation, Mass Spectrometry, Refractive Index, Flash Point, Freeze Point, Absorption levels, Fatty Acid Profiles, Quantification of nutrients viz EPA, GLA,DHA etc.

Saponification value

Unsaponifiable content

Natural Acids Residue tests

While for edible and infusion products besides these, additional complete microbiological analysis is carried out for each lot.

Some products with highest turnaround are maintained in stock and many are produced against order to have maximum shelf life for the end user.

Our principle objective is to provide Organic Pure Herbal Oils and other herbal products to end clients for food, medicinal and cosmetic use.

Kshrey Essential Oils and Ayurveda ensures that manufacturing and supply process completely adheres to the highest pharmaceutical grade hygiene standards besides following socio economic compliances and environmental conservation.

At Kshrey we strictly follow Free Trade Practices so that the benefit of entire process of business is laid on foundation of ethical practices both in house and at our supplier facilities right from origin of raw material at farms and fields so that all farm workers till the end sales point personnel are rightfully compensated for their laborious efforts. Every penny you spend with Kshrey contributes to the wellbeing of all these personnel and their families besides bringing you the purest extracts and elixirs of nature for your beauty, health and wellbeing.

No wonder Kshrey becomes your naturally preferred selection when it comes to soothing wellness of Essential Oils and Ayurveda!

Why Us :

  • More than 70 years of Manufacturing Experience
  • State of the art Manufacturing Unit spreading over 25 acres
  • Exporting to over 70 countries across the globe
  • Fair Trade And Ethical Practices
  • 100 % Pure Essential Oils at your door step
  • Best support and Pricing Structure
  • Pure and Natural Attars manufactured using finest quality of raw materials

Customized Solutions for all Price Points

Industries We Serve – Certifications –
Food & Beverages ISO 9001
Pharmaceuticals Organic
Confectionaries FDA Approved
Beauty HACCP
Spa and Wellness Halal
Ayurveda and Aromatherapy GMP