Q. Are your oils ISO 9000 certified?

We are highly quality conscious and therefore our company has acquired ISO 9001:2008 certification. We are audited by the International Standards by Certified Auditors every year. We ensure that our products conform to best screening procedures and standards. 

Q. What is the mode of payment that you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Q.Is my credit card information kept secure?

We use SSL Certificates, CCavenue and paypal as payment gateway to prevent unauthorized people from intercepting your credit card information. Please read privacy policy to learn other ways to make your shopping experience more secure.

Q. Do you accept payments through PayPal?

We have a PayPal limit of $1000. All payments above this limit must to be wire transferred.The details are mentioned below:

Bank – Kotak Mahindra Bank

Swift Code – KKBKINBB

Benificary Name – Kshrey Aromatics Pvt Ltd

Account Number – 7611991017

Branch address – SG 20 &21 DLF Galleria Market, DLF Phase-4,Gurgaon-122002, India

Q. How can I find out the status of my order?

Ensure that you have received a mail or any confirmation of the order, with the number which comes along the mail or message, helps you in racking your order.  you have received a shipping confirmation email and locate tracking number.

Q. Can I make changes to my order after I have placed the order?

Once th order is placed, no changes will be accepted. If you wish to order any additions, it will be considered as a new order.

Q. Is there minimum order value?

The order value should be equal to or more than Rs. 500. In case of lesser value, an admisnistartive charge of Rs. 50 will be applied.

Q. What is the order processing time?

It takes a minimum of 3 working days to process the order.

Q. How do you ship and how much will I be charged?

We are associated with some of the best courier companies like FEDEX/DTDC/Bluedart for India and DHL/Fedex for International Couriers, who will deliver your order at the specified address. The shipping cost charged by us is flat which includes the packaging charges. The shipping cost for india is Rs 150/kg. The shipping cost for international deliveries are Rs 1500/kg which are dispatched via DHL/Fedex couriers. For the bulk quantities the shipping is different as for 100 kgs and above spot rates are charged by the couriers which will be informed to you before the order is placed.

Q. What happens in case I mentioned a wrong address?

In case where you, the customer has made a mistake in entering the delivery address, we wil try our best to re-route the order. However, any additional costs if any will have to be borne by the customer.

Q. How much is the delivery time?

The delivery time varies from order to order. While placing the order on the Website, the estimated shipping time is 3 days.

Q. I received a damaged product. What should I do?

We at Kshrey make sure that every order is well packed so that it reaches in the best condition. But if in case of you receiving a damaged product, please notify our customer desk within 24 hours of receiving the product.

Q. What is your return policy?

All returns are accepted within 2 weeks of order When accompanied by a receipt or packing slip, the customer will receive the refund in the original form of payment. Without a receipt or packing slip, the customer will receive a gift card or merchandise credit for the current selling price. We reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any return that does not comply with these requirements or in cases where it suspects abuse.

Q. Do you have a retail store?

We do not have any retail outlet as of now.

Q. Are any of your Products tested on Animals?

We do not harm or test any of our products on animals.

Q.What is an essential oil?
Essential oils are produced by steam or water distillation of the leaves, wood, petals, buds, needles, bark or roots of aromatic botanicals such as lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, rose, peppermint and cypress. While most essential oils are steam distilled, citrus essential oils are either cold pressed or steam distilled from the rinds (peels) of citrus fruits.

Q. Can your oils be ingested? 
Although our oils are herbal and natural we do not promote their ingestion and even for its usage, please consult a doctor and their usage.

Q. Why should certain oils be avoided during pregnancy? 
During pregnancy, all women encounter hormonal changes and hence can it is not advisable to use these oils that time.

Q. Are your oils organic?

All our oils are made from 100% pure and nature obtained products and are thus free from any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Q. Can I apply any product on my skin directly?

The more you use essential oils, the more you will discover their multifaceted nature. When applying topically, dilute the essential oil of your choice with a carrier oil like our Virgin coconut oil or almond oil and use them as a massage oil or body oil.

Q. What is patch test?

If you have sensitive skin or have never used an essential oil on your skin, we advise conducting a patch test prior to using the essential oil. Apply a small amount of diluted essential oil on to your inner arm. Watch for redness or irritation over the next 24 hours. If either occurs, do not continue to use the essential oil topically.

Q. Should I go in sun after the application of the oils?

Certain essential oils, such as citrus oils, contain molecules that react with sunlight or UV light from tanning beds. When applying these oils topically, it is important to avoid direct sunlight for 12-48 hours.

Q: What is an absolute? 
Absolutes are not true essential oils, although they are aromatic, volatile and used in aromatherapy and perfumery. They are produced by alcohol extraction, after which the alcohol is removed by vacuum distillation. The extraction is done on something called the concrete — a thick, fragrant material extracted from the plant with a hydrocarbon solvent such as hexane. The concrete contains the essential oil as well as fatty acids and waxes. Alcohol dissolves the essential oil, and the non-fragrant components either precipitate or are filtered out. This method is used for delicate plants (usually flowers), where heat distillation would damage or distort the essential oil, or for plants with a very low essential oil content that makes distillation impractical. The most used aromatherapy absolutes are jasmine and rose. Absolutes such as carnation, hyacinth and gardenia are used in high quality perfumery.

Q. What are the various application areas of essential oils?

Essential oils can be widely used in different ways. Some of the major areas are:

  • The therapeutic powers of essentail oil can be used best for massages
  • Highly beneficial for curing respiratory disorders and thus can be used during inhalation
  • Can be mixed in bath water

Q. Please guide me on storage of oils?

It is always best to store oils at room temperature and keep them away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration after opening is always recommended.

Q. How is an essential oil different from a fragrant oil?

Essential oils are obtained from plants or different parts of a plant and obtained using steam distillation, while fragrant oils are obtained using CO2 Extraction / Supercritical Extraction.

Q. Are the products 100% pure?

Our 100% pure and natural essential oils are distilled at our govt compliant Factories. This means that once the plant is picked, the oil is extracted, placed in a barrel, sealed, and shipped directly to our warehouse. Many aromatherapy products claim to be 100% pure and natural, but they are not. Whether they are for cosmetic, massage, or aromatic purposes, they often contain harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients and the only way to find is through GCMS test which is done by all reputed laboratories.

Q. What is CO2?

CO2 extracts, like absolutes, are solvent extracted products. The key difference is that the solvent in this case is simply CO2 or Carbon Dioxide (that’s right, the same stuff you exhale with every breath!). Obviously, carbon dioxide is a gas under normal atmospheric conditions, but under certain conditions of low temperature and high pressure we can actually force Carbon Dioxide to become a liquid. In the liquid phase CO2 happens to be a good solvent for extracting out the aromatic molecules from plants. 

Q. My password doesn’t seem to work. What should I do?

Please note that the password created is case sensitive and thus must be entered as such in the required box. If the problems perists, please email us at support@kshrey.com

Q. I am facing problems while logging in and checking out.

In situations, where you place your order on an older verison of Explorer or any other internet browser, you might encounter certain issues. If possible, try using the latest version. In some situations, if you are using firewall and facing problems wile checking out, please disbale firewall from the settings and proceed to checking out. If the problem persists, contact the customer care.

Q. Where can I change my contact details?

Any change in address, phone number or email id can be done by accessing ‘My Account.’

Q. How can I change my password?

Click the ‘My Account’ button and log in with your existing details. Go to the Change my Password option and follow the instructions.