Ouality & Packaging


Kshrey Essential Oils and Ayurveda follows all ethical practices and offers completely pure & natural, organic, pesticide-free, unadulterated, derived from safest methods and process most suited and compatible to retaining all nutritional, soothing and healing properties contained within the parent herbs/plants/fruits/nuts/seeds/leaves/trunks etc. All products are manufactured from highest grade handpicked quality tested raw material under pharmaceutical grade hygienic conditions using modern equipments and advanced technology including traditional methods whatever suits best to derive the highest grade of end products we offer to our customers. Our certified vendors also adhere to same standards and their products are approved by our qualified Quality Assurance team only after thorough inspections at each stage of procurement and manufacturing process as well as from final packed lots to ensure end products meet all international quality standards.


Kshrey Essential Oils and Ayurveda offers complete range of highest grade essential oils made from highest quality raw materials. We also package them in superior and safe protective packaging material so it reaches consumers in purest form without contamination or sun-damage. We also provide customized packaging in different bottles/ jars/ containers and in different sizes for various retail chains and brands using custom designed lables and cartons. Total customer satisfaction is our principle we live by.