Cold Press is best method to extract base oils. It works on the mechanism of slow rotations maintaining adequate pressures at controlled temperatures so as to retain all natural benefits of the plants into the final oils. Care is taken to avoid oxidation during this process to ensure retaining all nutrients and volatile aromas.


This is a specialized distillation process that prevents evaporation of all heat volatile aromatic compounds during extraction. Steam is made to pass over the compounds where insoluble heat sensitive essential oil molecules get mixed and transported with it to condensation funnel with stopper where due to differential weight they form different layers and hence is segregated in its purest form.


This unique distillation method is most widely used traditional method of essential oil extraction. In this process instead of letting steam pass through powdered wood in hydro distiller, powder itself is soaked in water and heated till steam comes out extracting essential oil making hydrosol from which pure oil is separated.


When measured amount of pressure is applied onto CO2 gas in controlled atmosphere it turns into liquid solvent. This liquid solvent gas is quite safe and non reactive. Plant essence and essential oils also get extracted during this process and later CO2 is made to return to its gaseous form leaving aside pure essential oils. This is most effective method to extract herbal essences and essential oils as there is no thermal application hence it retains all volatile or heat sensitive compounds and elements intact in the oils and essences, hence widely used in extraction of herbal medicinal oils and flavor imparting essences for food industry.