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Manufacturers and Exporters of :- 100% Pure Essential oils

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Kshrey in hindi means giving credit to someone for doing something great! Kshrey Essential Oils and Ayurveda gives this credit for all that is great in its products to Nature, and Nature has answers to all our beauty and wellness needs!

With this connotation, Kshrey brings over 79 years of experience in international trade and sourcing transcending into our Natural, Pure, Cold Pressed Base oils, Essential Oils, Beauty & Ayurveda Wellness products packed with all goodness, freshness, keeping all herbs-plants derived nutritional values intact in the end products to reach our clients to be absorbed into their skin, hair & bodies rendering them full of life!

Tarun Mansharamani / Director Kshrey


Kshrey firmly believes in providing world-class natural products, especially organic essential oils, attars, natural essential oils, floral absolute oils, etc. We’re known as one of the best organic essential oils manufacturers in India and USA. Quality remains our prime objective while producing essential oils or derivatives from their natural sources. According to the definition, “Natural essential oils are the concentrated liquids derive from the plants, leaves, herbs, and shrubs, by using conventional or modern extraction process.”  We use all means mostly traditional approach to deliver 100% pure organic essential oils. Covering a broad range of benefits, the oils are highly recommended for therapeutic usage, and in beauty products. These superior quality oils are preferred to improve the health of skin, hair, and body.

Natural Essential Oils Exporters / Supplier

Natural essential oils keep the essence of nature, and rich in valuable chemical composition. Our natural products are highly demanded in different industries including medical, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, food & beverages, bakery, confectionery, spa & relaxation. Having the largest customer community in the country and overseas, we’re known as one of the foremost natural essential oils exporters and suppliers in India. Also engaged in exporting of carrier oils, wildcrafted essential oils, organic oils, floral absolute oils, co2 extract essential oils, carrier oils, spice oils, pure floral waters. We’ve set up a milestone in essential oil market by covering 30% of the market.

Pure & Natural Essential Oils

Quality! Quality! And Quality

We strictly abide to provide a complete natural product, either its attars, essential oils, organic oils, or any category. Our team of experts and quality analyst perform a quality test by checking physical appearance, texture, colour, aroma, and teste before exporting or supplying to our valuable customers. The raw material is naturally grown in its natural habitat or cultivated. We don’t mix chemicals, pesticides or any additive material which can adversely affect your health or environment and each our product is certified to concern government authority.

BEST Alcohol-Free Perfumes in INDIA

Experience the BEST!  With a vision to provide a quality product, we’re popular for Non-Alcoholic Perfumes in India. Long-lasting fragrances will remind you of the beauty of the flower. Our traditionally made attars booms in essential oils market, where we supply to major countries including Dubai, USA, China, Saudi Arabia, UK, etc. The online price of Alcohol-Free Perfumes is competitively affordable.

Our Legacy

Natural products demand never declines! and we proud to deliver it effectively. In a 79 years long journey, we’ve set up many milestones in different fields. Spreading in an area of 25 acres, our world-class manufacturing unit set to produce a good result.  It’s an achievement that we almost serve to major industries across 70 countries in the world. We’re globally acclaimed and certified by govt. bodies relate to health and the environment.                                             

 Floral Absolute Oils

Our floral absolutes oils are widely used in aromatherapy besides perfumery and fragrances. Our clients tell about the product quality and experiences after using the product. Floral absolutes oils can revitalize body, soul, and mind. The finest range of absolute oils are produced in an extremely controlled and sterilized environment and stored safely.

Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils are used to dilute or reduce the effect of essential oils whenever used topically on the skin. We manufacture top quality of carrier oils and extracting through prevailing processes.

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We are known for selling products at the most affordable price while offering a heavy discount on bulk or individual orders. We are appreciated by our customers on competitive pricing and deals on specific products.

2 Million Customers

We are exporting our products to all over the world, and successfully achieved the benchmark of 2 million consumers. We are praised for our best quality products i.e. essential oils, attars or absolutes.

100% Natural and Herbal Products

We are committed to delivering 100% pure and natural products while exporting to Indian market or overseas. Our products are highly demanded in Gulf countries, Asia, USA, Europe and Australia.

First-Rate Services

Our notable product delivery and customer services are always praised by our customers. In the fierce competition, we strive to provide uninterrupted and on-demand services.

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